So I Published A Magazine

Title: Publish Your First Magazine
(Second Edition)
Author: Lorraine Phillips
ISBN: 9780988953543
Paperback, 246pp, $24.95
Available from:,,
Barnes & Noble
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The Book

Find out everything I learned about the magazine business that enabled me to go from idea to newsstand on my first attempt. This quick, easy guide is packed with useful information on how to “Publish Your First Magazine.” I’ll not only show you my process but also provide you with the documentation I created and used along the way. Now you can learn in a weekend what took me two years to research—it’s exactly what’s needed for anyone who’s contemplating producing a print magazine in today’s highly volatile and competitive marketplace.

In this new, expanded edition you will learn:
  *  Magazine business fundamentals
  *  The necessary start-up costs
  *  How to manage the editorial process
  *  How to brand and design your publication
  *  The different ways a magazine can be monetized
  *  How to set your ad rates and sell ads
  *  Great sources for content and photography
  *  How to effectively use social media
  *  What factors contribute to the success or failure of a magazine?
And much, much more!


"Awarded 5 out of 5 (excellent) for structure and organization, grammar, and cover design. Phillips offers a fantastic guide for anyone interested in starting a magazine. The book's general information on how magazines work is to the point. It's ideal for busy professionals who don't have all day or the entire weekend to drudge through a boring textbook. I cannot think of anything the author needs to improve content wise."
—Writer's Digest


"If you're thinking about starting your own magazine, you can do it the hard way—or you can read this book! Lorraine Phillips' plainspoken account of what it takes to create a successful magazine—including how she did it herself—will save you time and money. And, thanks to her upbeat attitude and good humor, you'll also have a great time reading and learning how to make your publishing dream come true."
—Jim Barnes, Editor - Independent Publisher


"This is a must read for any new magazine publisher. Lorraine does a great job of detailing out a lot of the processes needed to launch a magazine which will save you both time and money."
—Mark Loeffler, President of Infoswell Media


"An incredible resource for aspiring or seasoned publishers. From basic business plan insights and typography tips to media kits and web tools, the only manuscript I'll need to publish my first magazine!"
—Craig A. Williams, Donald Trump's Apprentice


"Simple and intelligent, this book is a guide that assembles all aspects of publishing your first magazine."
—Tyler Waylett, Publisher -


To help get you up and running you can download the following files as a zip file. The zip is password protected and you can find the password as the very last word of Chapter 7.
Hint: It’s five letters long and all lowercase letters.

Links to all the resources presented throughout the book

Chapter 2, Page 33: Your Editorial Philosophy

Chapter 2, Page 36: Editorial Formula Grid

Chapter 3, Page 49: Example Writers Guidelines

Chapter 4, Page 58: Editorial Process Tracking Sheet

Chapter 4, Page 63: Example Production Schedule

Chapter 5, Page 68: Magazine Design Study Checklist

Chapter 7, Page 94: Proofreading Checklist

Chapter 8, Page 101: Information to Supply With Your Print Job

Chapter 9, Page 115: Example Survey Questions
Chapter 10, Page 125: Information For Your Web Designer

Chapter 15, Page 168: Start-up Costs Worksheet

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NOTE: Winzip, MS-Word, and MS-Excel (or equivalents) required.

Magazine Business Plan

You’ve read the book, thought about it and now it's time for a plan. A business plan:

*  Enables you to map out and strategize the future of your business
*  Outlines the resources you will need
*  Helps to estimate your start-up and ongoing costs
*  Allows you to set measurable goals and objectives so you always know where you stand
*  Makes you evaluate and study the competition
*  Helps you understand your market and figure out how to satisfy them
*  Aids in deriving a marketing plan that can effectively reach your audience
*  Makes you look for and determine potential advertisers
*  Can be used to raise funds or attract investors
*  Most importantly, determines whether or not your business model can function at a profit

Download a sample magazine business plan priced at $24.99 $19.99 NOW!

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This download requires Winzip, MS-Excel, MS-Word and Adobe Reader (or the equivalents).

Note: No two magazine publishing scenarios or business plans will be the same, therefore the information provided should be used as a general guide only and should be modified and adapted to fit your particular needs.

About The Author

Lorraine Phillips

Lorraine Phillips attended Jackson State University, where she received an MBA in business administration and a BS in computer science, graduating both programs with honors and distinction. She later went on to earn an AA in graphic design from Bauder College and was elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges for outstanding merit and accomplishments.

Lorraine, former publisher of SisterPower Magazine, is a creative information technology professional with over fourteen years’ experience in planning, developing and publishing print, internet and digital projects. She has published six books, with subjects ranging from personal motivation to magazine publishing to online marketing and promotion.

As an author Lorraine has received several awards. Her books have been recognized for exhibiting superior levels of creativity and originality as well as high standards of design and production quality. She was also selected for what is one of the country’s most respected book awards, being named a Benjamin Franklin Awards silver finalist in the Business and Economics category for excellence in book editorial and design.

Lorraine is currently a freelance user experience designer. As a dynamic speaker, author, freelancer and coach, it is her mission to help people achieve their personal and professional dreams. As she puts it in her own words, “It's exactly what I was born to do!”


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